This page will outline every command available to you! Note: This will be a listing of commands available by default. Additional commands can be viewed under Server Ranks!
Brings up the Skills UI
Lists # of badges claimed
/badgecase claim
Registers the item in your hand to your badgecase
Brings up the Dailies UI to claim Daily Rewards
Displays your balance
Sets status to "away from keyboard"
Allows you to teleport to a set home
/home list
Lists all homes
Displays in-game server docs
Displays all players in-game
Access messages
Displays the Server's MOTD/Announcements
Randomly Teleport
Displays the Server Rules
Teleports you to the Spawn
Initiate a teleportation request
Accept a teleportation request
Reject a teleportation request
Prevent someone from sending teleportation requests
For the commands associated with Land Claiming, I would recommend you visit Land Claiming
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