PokeHills has a variety of currencies and all of these currencies can get extremely confusing. Read below to see details about each currency, how you obtain them and how you can spend them.


Coins are the main currency used on the server for any economic transaction. You can use it for:
  • Purchasing any of the items and blocks listed in the catalog of the shop, which you can access using the command /shop.
  • Spending this money in the Game Corner
  • Purchase Additional Claim Blocks
  • Purchase Rank-ups
In PokeHills, we have many possible ways to make some money, like:
  • Answering Trivia questions correctly.
  • Defeating wild Pokémon.
  • Defeating NPC Trainers
  • Trying your luck at the Game Corner
  • Selling Pokemon using /sts (note that this is locked to a higher rank and is not available right away)

PokeBuilder Tokens

PokeBuilder Tokens are obtained in 3 main ways:
  • Answering Trivia
  • Voting
  • Daily Rewards
These tokens can be used with /pokebuilder to change your Pokemon. Don’t like its IVs or EVs? Want it to be shiny? This allows you to make those changes.
You can check your balance at any time by running /tokens.

Casino Tokens

Not to be confused with the other tokens above, Casino Tokens can only be earned through the Game Corner by winning at the Dealer’s Table. These tokens can then be exchanged in the Casino Gift Shop.
Your Casino Token Balance will always be displayed when you are selecting a game at the dealer’s table.

Daycare Gems

Daycare gems can be used to upgrade your Personal Daycare and allow you to improve outcomes when breeding your Pokemon.
The method of obtaining these is still TBD
Last modified 2yr ago