Players can begin breeding their Pokemon at any time in their journey using a Ranch Block. These ranch blocks can be crafted using the following recipe:
Players can also look up the basics of breeding and learn what things can improve breeding by using /breedwiki

Daycare Dimension

Once players achieve a certain rank, they will unlock the Daycare Dimension. Here, you have a breeding hut that you may put up to 6 Pokemon in at a time! These Pokemon will breed but also gain experience while in there! You can also decorate your hut with decorations that have effects on the breeding outcomes. You can acquire these decorations with gems.
Access this with the /daycare command.
The main area
Once inside, interact with one of the 3 NPCs!
The first will let you put Pokemon into the Daycare.
The middle one will let you shop using Daycare Gems!
Daycare Decorations can have special effects like the one above!
The left NPC will store your Daycare Decorations.