Installation Guide

Learn how to install Pixelmon here!

Let's get Pixelmon installed!

It will be important that you have 64-bit Java installed! Click here to get it!

Make sure the installer you download says 64-bit or x64 (Mac Java is always 64-bit so no need to worry about that!)

With that out of the way, there are a few ways to get Pixelmon running. I would recommend the use of a modpack launcher!

Download link for Technic Launcher:

Download Link for ATLauncher:

Download link for GDLauncher:

I would personally recommend GDLauncher as it will auto-install the correct Java for you as well as manage your Pixelmon install!

Remember to add the Pixelmon Reforged Modpack!

Once you load it up, add our server IP:

Make sure to load our Resource PokePack to be able to see some of our Special Pokemon!