Spawn is where your PokeHills experience begins! You will find some Quests to be completed here. You can also find the crates, game corner, and main Pokemon Center for all of your basic needs!

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is a fun post-game activity to do. The Battle Tower allows players to battle as many trainers as they feel like and earn BP along the way. This BP can be used to purchase things from the Battle Shop.
Must have Champion Rank to gain access!
To access, run /warp battlefrontier

Island Expansion

The Island Expansion is composed of 5 Islands which house the Island Cup! These breathtaking islands allow players to explore the scenery and enjoy quite a challenge! Once the Island Cup is completed, Champion+ players can build their own Island and add to this beauty!

Battle Dojo

This new location is where players can undergo “ultra training.” Players who visit here will be taught the ways of master battling and can have a chance to improve their Pokemon’s EVs or Level!
EV trainers have 15 minute cooldowns, Level up trainer has a 10 minute cooldown.
Need to be Rancher Rank to access!
To access, run /warp ultratrain
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