This page will describe the 18 skills available but all of this information is accessible in-game using /skills. This page is still a WIP documenting them so please refer to the in-game /skills menu.


Level up this by making leaps!
  • Lv 5: Acrobat - Sometimes fall damage will be negated
  • Lv 50: Resilience - Reduced damage
  • Lv 100: Long Jump - Jump while sprinting to trigger
  • Lv 100: High Jump - Jump while holding sneak


Level up by using your bow.
  • Lv 5: Sharpshooter - Arrows deal more damage
  • Lv 25: Simple Geometry - Fires five arrows in a line
  • Lv 50: Poisoned Arrow - Arrows can occasionally inflict poison or slowness
  • Lv 100: Rapid Fire - Fire arrows with less drawback


Gain experience by hacking down your foes with your axe.
  • Lv 5: Hack and Slash - Axes deal more damage
  • Lv 25: Unarmored Defense - Reduced damage while wearing no armor
  • Lv 50: Shieldbreaker - Wear down opponents shields (costing more axe durability)
  • Lv 100: Fury of the Axe - Allows you to gain beneficial buffs, but also begin to wither.


Gain experience by defeating foes in the art of the Pokémon Battle.
  • Lv 5: Experienced Battler - Your Pokémon earn extra experience through trainer battles.
  • Lv 25: First Aid - Stabilizes your fainted Pokémon after battles.
  • Lv 50: Battle Cry - Restores HP and PP of your party.
  • Lv 100: Silver Tongue - Earn extra Pokédollars from winning battles.


Gain experience through hatching Pokémon eggs.
  • Lv 5: Experienced Breeding - You have an improved breeding rate.
  • Lv 25: Incubator - You have an improved hatching rate.
  • Lv 50: Double Yolk - Occasionally, you will find two eggs.
  • Lv 100: CRISPR - Your eggs have an improved Shiny rate, and gain extra IVs.


Gain experience by catching many a number of Pokémon.
  • Lv 5: Experienced Catching - You have an improved catch rate.
  • Lv 25: Humanitarian Capture - Caught Pokémon are fully healed, and gain friendship.
  • Lv 50: Keen Eye - Caught Pokémon gain extra IVs.
  • Lv 100: All That Glitters - You have an improved Shiny spawn rate.


Gain experience through the creation of new items.
  • Lv 5: Bound Crafting Table - You can store and summon a crafting table.
  • Lv 25: Efficient Crafting - You have a chance to not consume materials when crafting.
  • Lv 50: Twinned Craft - You have a chance to craft two items instead of one.
  • Lv 100: Equivalent Exchange - You can exchange materials up and down.


Gain experience by digging up land with a shovel.
  • Lv 5: Digger's Fortune - Gain Efficiency and Fortune on shovels for a brief time.
  • Lv 25: Careful Touch - Reduces durability lost from using shovels.
  • Lv 50: Landscaping - Destroys grass, dirt, sand and gravel around you automatically for a short while, while holding a shovel.
  • Lv 75: Layer by Layer - Allows you to dig up areas of topsoil in one go.
  • Lv 150: Extractinator - Causes a shovelled block to drop many times its normal drops.


Gain experience by reeling in those bites on your hook.
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