Special Pokemon
PokeHills has some special Pokemon! Check them out at the new Battle Dojo!
You will need the resource pack to be able to see them! The server will auto-load it for you when you join but if you have issues, here is the direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4k3shsxi2kws2o/PokePack2.zip?dl=1
If you "glitch" when joining and would rather just load it manually after you already said yes to letting the server download the pack for you, on your server list edit the server and change resource pack to disabled. Proceed to load it manually!
For directions on how to manually to install a resource pack, please visit https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack

Wave 1 Special Pokemon

    Totodile and evolutions
    Absol + mega
    Carvahna and evolutions
    Dratini and evolutions
    Riolu and evolution
    Marenie and evolution
    Murkrow and evolution
    Rookidee and evolutions
More coming soon!
Last modified 8mo ago
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