Land Claiming

Here at PokeHills we make use of GriefDefender for Land Claiming!
Land claiming is very simple but has flexibility to do many things.
Lets start with a simple basic claim.
To make a simple basic claim, simply place a chest down where you want the center of your claim to be!
  • Any subsequent claims will need to be started by using a golden shovel (provided in the starter kit)
The golden shovel can be used to expand your claim as you acquire more claim blocks (claim blocks are given the longer you play) by simply clicking the corner then clicking where you want the new corner to be.
The wooden stick can be used to view who has claimed a block.
By default, only the person who made the claim can build within a claim; however, a player can be added to a claim with /trust
To remove your claim, simply type /gd abandon claim
To purchase additional blocks using in-game currency, simply type: /gd buy blocks [numberOfBlocks]
Due to the very powerful and flexible nature of this system, I would recommend reading up on this on the plugin's wiki!
Last modified 2yr ago